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This isn't my first rodeo

Your Trusted Mortgage Lender


Ryan originally hailed from Cleveland Ohio. His understanding of a hard day’s work were instilled in him throughout his youth by his family. He graduated from Trinity High School, and continued his education by attending Youngstown State University. From there he followed his passion of motorcycles to Florida, where he attended the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute.
Running full steam into the motorcycle industry, he was hired at Jim's Harley Davidson in St Petersburg Florida. That is where he met his amazing wife, by selling her a motorcycle. While dating, he met her family and her bother in law. The rest they say at that point is history. Her brother in law brought him into the mortgage processing business in 2016. From there he taught Ryan the ropes from taking a great application all the way through the closing table. Basically he worked the loan from start to finish and gained very valuable knowledge within the workings of the mortgage industry. Ryan credits his knowledge of the full mortgage process as an asset to get his clients to the closing table with ease. Those Brokers/Originators that only worked on the sales side of the industry have come and gone in recent years; whereas due to his knowledge of all aspects of the industry Ryan has been able to continue to work in the industry and has maintained an active mortgage broker’s license.
Ryan is happy to have been able to help multitudes of clients purchase and finance their dream homes or save money on a rate lowering refinance, providing them with an economical advantage and providing him with a lot of job satisfaction to this point in his career. Ryan views that this isn't just a job, but a very satisfying and life fulfilling “Profession” that he takes great pride in and which allows him to live in a community that he loves in St Petersburg, Florida. Tampa Bay is an area where Ryan is always pleased to refer his clients to other business professionals and their services as well, he enjoys seeing the people and businesses around him succeed and thrive in their endeavors. Every client is important to Ryan and he welcomes each and every contact with expert advise and complete transparency.

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